In honor of the 44 fallen.

A lot of people are asking why and how come certain things were not done for the said arrest? Like why were there no coordination with the AFP, PNP or MILF? Why were the men not familiar with the terrain? Why was the mission not made known by the officials? Whom some doubt if they […]

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Are we nagging on God?

  Ever have that moment when you are in a grocery store and you see a kid crying out loud, giving out a tantrum to his mom/dad because he wanted a certain toy/candy? To be honest, it looks kinda funny, because you remember doing it before. Lets just hope it was during your childhood years.

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Why fix something that is broken

Everyone gets broken.

Not a single person on this earth is an exception to this statement. Some people experience it early some late. But we all go through this phase one way or another.

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